One Small Step

A series of style frames for a main title created based on a fictional documentary named One Small Step. All frames were created using a limited selection of NASA archive photography, edited, composited, and arranged to create the design for a title sequence.

My concept was to trace the journey of the Apollo astronauts, going back through time and pulling up and away from the surface of the moon. It was important, in my mind, to show the distance and remoteness of where their mission took them, how far from home they were, and communicate how they were pioneers who set off to explore the unknown.

This project was completed as part of Ash Thorp's Main Title Design course.

Style Frames


Before creating the final style frames, mockups for frames were made using the NASA archive photography. This quick mockups helped determine which images from the archive photography would be used in the final style frames, as well as how the narrative and visual flow would be achieved through the composition and order of the frames.